Excessive Sweating Treatments Bournemouth

Treatments for
Excessive Sweating

Aesthetic solutions for excessive underarm sweating and sweaty palms



30-45 mins


Under arm excessive sweating or Hyperhidrosis is a common problem for men and women. This condition leaves visible wet patches on clothing and can sometimes cause embarrassment socially and at work.

Botox® injections work by paralysing the nerves that make the glands sweat. Using a fine needle a small amount of Botulinum toxin is injected onto approx 10-15 places spread evenly into each armpit. A dye is used to show up areas where sweating is greatest and highlighting where the injections should be placed.

The treatment takes approx. 30 minutes and results can be noticed after 3-5 days and lasts for up to 6 months. This treatment can give you back your confidence to wear whatever you want and not to worry about damp patches on your clothes.

* We have a 48-hour cancellation policy for all appointments. If appointments are missed, a fee will be charged.